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So, ’22 Jump Street’ looks pretty hilarious

21 jump street

I know movies tend to do this thing where they release the best possible clips as promo before its release, most of the time leading to a big disappointment when you ACTUALLY go see it. That’s probably what’s happening with 22 Jump Street, but the newest clip of Channing Tatum‘s character being terrible (an understatement) at accents totally makes me want to see it:

To be 100% honest, I don’t remember much about 21 Jump Street, but I did watch it (and laugh) during a flight to the UK a little over a year ago. “Didn’t hate it” is almost equivalent to “liked it, would watch again” in my book (ALMOST), so I’d give this a chance if someone releases a cam of it.

Side note: Jonah Hill is kinda the worst, but he’s also really funny.

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Yikes: Channing Tatum’s Pre-Fame Model Photos

channing tatum modeling

Before Channing Tatum was what people are convincing me is a household name, he did some modeling. At first glance of the above photo of him in a fur jacket, I thought Macklemore shaved his head. But no! That is Channing Tatum.

According to People, who posted these photos, “Tatum was an in-demand model, taking the runway for Diddy‘s Sean John line and Marc Ecko at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.”

Really? What do you guys think of these?

channing tatum modeling

I do not see the appeal in this man. Honestly, I think he is probably the least attractive man in Hollywood. I’m not alone!

Channing Tatum Likes Getting Naked, Sculpting Women’s Bodies

channing tatum

Channing Tatum is a funny fella. Kind of an okay actor, new dad and now… sculptor and secret nudist? Keep your hands on your keyboards, ladies and homosexual gentlemen – it’s totally innocent. He just… doesn’t like wearing clothes at home and really likes sculpting women’s bodies – so long as they’re hot and look like his wife‘s.

From Elle:

ELLE: She once said as soon as you get home, you get naked. What’s that about?

CT: I don’t really know. I have a really nice back porch where the pool is. Once the shoes are off, the socks come off too, and then everything else downstairs just follows at some point.

ELLE: I heard you’re a sculptor. What do you sculpt?

CT: I really love anatomy, in general. I like sculpting bodies.

ELLE: Are we talking live, nude models?

CT: Not yet. I’m sure that’s on the docket. My sculptures look like my wife. Not pregnant. [Laughs] Her old body.

Oh yeah, God forbid – who would want to sculpt PREGNANT bodies? Yucky! I’m rolling my eyes. But whatever. Go forth and create your art, bro – let no one stand in the way. Or something.

I wonder if he’s actually decent at sculpting? I mean, I don’t really wonder, but for the sake of this article, I do. Whatever, it’s a national holiday, news is slow.

Channing Tatum Showed You His Daughter Because He Knew You Jerks Wanted It

channing tatum baby

Channing Tatum posted a photo of his and Jenna Dewan‘s new baby girl online on Father’s Day for the world to see, and some people wondered why he put it on Facebook rather than getting a hefty sum from People or some other entertainment rag. Well, the answer is simple: paparazzi assholes would just keep chasing them for pics of the kid, so they decided to put one out there themselves to get photographers off their backs.

From ET Canada:

“We didn’t want to go through a tabloid — we just wanted to let it out so paparazzi would stop trying to hound us,” Tatum, 33, tells ET Canada. “You know, here it is, that’s it. Now, let us be.”

Since showing off his 3-week-old to the world, the White House Down star admits the majority of daddy duty has been continuing on his supportive streak, always on hand to help out where needed.

“[Jenna's] tired. Those first few months, it’s just ridiculous, just [taxing],” he says. “All I can really do is just sit there and change diapers … and get them food. Whatever they want.”

Fair enough – can’t argue with that one. The baby’s cute, they seem happy, our work is done here.

Here’s Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s Baby Friend

channing tatum

We’re apparently all about the baby folk here at Evil Beet lately, and Kimye isn’t the only one who’s entered the world in recent weeks. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan also welcomed their first child, a little girl named Everly. SO CUTE. They shared the first photo on Father’s Day on both of their Facebook pages, as you do.

That baby’s pretty cute, although all babies sorta look the same when you first have them, so she doesn’t really look like anything but a baby. But yay! Babies and fathers and mothers, oh my!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Have a New Baby Friend!

channing tatum

Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan have welcomed their first child together, woot woot. The baby was born in London last Thursday where they’re filming Jupiter Ascending, but there’s not much info besides that. Here’s the US Weekly “report”:

Add Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum to the list of hot Hollywood parents! The couple welcomed their first child together in London on Thursday, May 30, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. The bundle of joy’s gender is not yet known.

Tatum, 33, and Dewan-Tatum, 32, announced they were expecting their first child in December. The couple met on the set of Step Up in 2006, and tied the knot in July 2009.

Well, that’s exciting. I don’t know why, but it’s always surprising to hear that people like Channing Tatum are married. I’m not exactly sure why – I don’t really know anything about him, but maybe my brain is hardwired into the Magic Mike trailer, so I just see all these dudes as perpetual bachelors.

In any case, congrats to the new mom and dad.

Channing Tatum Would Totally Do The Nasty With George Clooney

channing tatum george clooney

It’s no surprise that the Sexiest Man Alive recognizes the sexiness of the Sexiest Man Alive who came before him, George Clooney. So let’s all just take a deep breath as we listen to Channing Tatum joke about how he would most definitely have sweaty man sex with the Silver Fox, shall we?

From The Sun:

“I’ve spent time with George Clooney and he’s the most interesting man on the planet.

He can do it all. Yep, I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

Fair enough, dude. Some hotness translates into all bodily languages, if you feel me, and I think George qualifies here. I don’t think I’ve ever run into a person – male or female, gay or straight – that doesn’t think George Clooney is good looking. That doesn’t mean they’re all attracted to him, but they can acknowledge a handsome face when they see one.  Though I have to say, I hope Channing isn’t wanting to settle down – George would never put a ring on it.