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Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Ashlee Simpson’s Son is Almost as Big as Her

If you’ve ever wondered how truly tiny Ashlee Simpson is, just check out this photo of her holding her son Brox, who is like, a toddler (a really, really adorable one.) Either Bronx Wentz is the largest baby on the planet, or Ashlee Simpson is the smallest woman in the world. In some of these photos, if you squint your eyes, it almost looks like he’s carrying her.

Don’t Pretend to Slash Those Wrists Just Yet, Emo Kids

Fallout Boy is on a break, but is not breaking up, according to Pete Wentz. Pete says that the band “just got burned out” but they haven’t definitively called it quits.

“We’re just on a break. I think that after having Bronx, and with my wife [Ashlee Simpson] having this much of a workload right now, it has been such a good thing for me. There’s nothing I wanna be better at in the world than being a dad.”

Echoing a sentiment that has most likely been typed on many a blog by mourning emo hipsters, Wentz added, “Before, it was like I might not be okay if Fall Out Boy doesn’t come back. But I think I’ll be okay. It’s too soon to say [if we'll we back]. We just got burned out.”

Take a lesson from Pete, eyeliner clad minions: if he can learn to live without Fallout Boy, so can you.

Bronx Wentz: Cry Baby

Pete Wentz took his son Bronx on a walk around NYC yesterday and that little muffin was crying his face off the whole time. Poor guy was probably freezing, not to mention freaked out that there were guys taking his picture so that an asshole like me could later buy those photos and then post commentary about them on the Internet. It’s either one of those things or his father’s hair smells as bad as I assume it does. I don’t hate Pete, but I hope the dude turned around and gave his kid a cookie or something. Regardless, it’s clearly hard work being one of the cutest babies in the game.