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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Was Only A Drunk Mess Because She Was Trying To Be Polite

brandi glanville west hollywood drunk

Brandi Glanville was a certified hot mess when she partied in West Hollywood and there are photos to prove it — chick is spilling out of her dress and her thong is on complete display. I get how a boob could accidentally pop out but I don’t understand why her dress is basically transparent unless it is supposed to look like this, but I doubt it. It’s like there was a bottom half of it that she lost.

brandi glanville thong drunk

So, what the hell happened? Here’s her explanation, from her twitter account, via E Online:

I got drunk with my gays its not murder. Everyone kept sending us drinks. I was being polite.

That’s a new one. “I got stupid-drunk out of politeness.” I’m going to use that. She also added,

When ur PERFECT and make all the right decisions ALL the time, and don’t have at least a bit of cellulite on ur ass, get back 2 me

Ha! I’m with her on the cellulite thing. And she doesn’t even really have any!

In case you want to inspect her ass, I’ve included more photos.

Getting some Team Tara flashbacks, I tell ya whut.

Showdown at the O.K. Corral: LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville Are At It Again

brandi glanville leann rimes

Ugh, God, change the record already! We all know Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes don’t get along, but they have to for the sake of Eddie Cibrian‘s kids, blah blah blah. Apparently all hell broke loose again at a restaurant in Malibu on Saturday night when everyone ended up eating there accidentally. You know, because there’s only one place to go in Malibu for dinner. Anyway, the kids apparently went back and forth between Brandi’s table and LeAnn and Eddie’s and things were okay until the end of the night, when shit got ugly. Uglier than LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville put together – ZING!

From Radar Online:

After managing to avoid each other for most of the night, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian stopped by Brandi’s table on their way out of the restaurant to apparently say goodbye to the kids, who had been criss-crossing from table to table during dinner.

But instead of pleasantries being exchanged, Eddie and LeAnn were “confronted by Brandi who raised her voice and glass of wine at them,” one eyewitness told Radar.

“It was so obnoxious that other people at the restaurant turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about.”

“Is that a hi or a bye,” Brandi yelled at Eddie, 40, and LeAnn, 30, according to another source.

Said the onlooker: “Brandi was holding Jake in her lap when LeAnn and Eddie walked by. It was a very awkward moment and she appeared to cause quite the scene.”

Soon after the incident, the 40-year-old took to Twitter and downplayed the confrontation.

“Just left Nobu Malibu with boys and friends, ran into boy’s dad,” Brandi wrote. “The kids love us all together so lets just stop all the BS.”

Brandi was probably drunk, so it’s whatever, but this whole thing is getting SO OLD. We get it – LeAnn’s a homewrecker and Brandi’s desperate for revenge, Blu Cantrell-style and yet it’s been YEARS and we’re still acting like it’s 2009. Let’s all move on already, damn.

HAHAHAHA: Brandi Glanville’s Writing A Relationship Guide Book

brandi glanville

Brandi Glanville has already “written” one book, and now she’s got a deal to pen another one – this one, a relationship guide. Because if there’s one person you want to take love advice from, it’s the woman who spent $10,000 of her cheating ex-husband‘s money to redo her vagina and now gets in constant Twitter fights with the woman he ran off with. What a recipe for success!

From US Weekly:

“I am really excited,” she gushed to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview about the new nonfiction tome, explaining that she started negotiations after her first book became so successful. “It should be out by January or February of next year.”

“It was hard [to narrow down the focus], because I feel like there is so much going on in my life,” she said. “It is more of a ‘moving on’ kind of guide, and just a relationship guide — like my relationship with my parents, my relationship when I am dating and living in Los Angeles

“I just want people to relate to me wherever they are,” she told Us. “It’s just [about] going through a breakup and getting to that point where you are ready to move on, and then [about] how all your relationships change after that.”

Fret not, though — Glanville plans to add her own unique spin on everything. “There is a sex chapter, of course. There has to be!” she said, laughing.

“Like my first book, there won’t be any filters. I’m calling it as I see it and not holding anything back, even when I probably should,” she added in a press release about the project. “This second book will be filled with lots of drama, blunders, sordid details, and, of course, hashtags. I’m a bit wiser after having written my first book, but the craziness continues with co-parenting nightmares, exes, boyfriends, parties, sex, drinking, tweeting and everything else that makes my life such an adventure.”

Well, that sounds like something I definitely won’t be buying, but good for her, I guess?