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Bradley Cooper’s Mom Isn’t Fond of Zoe Saldana, I Guess

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana got their swerve on for about a year before splitting up,  though Zoe’s not taking the news so well. She’s desperate to get him back, but Bradley’s got another woman in his life steering him in the opposite direction: his mother.

From Radar Online:

Gloria Cooper, who lives with her handsome movie star son, has told Bradley, 38, not to take her back because she just isn’t so sure she’s the right girl for him. But at least one source tells Radar that Bradley isn’t listening and he is seeing Zoe!

“Gloria tried to get to know Zoe when they rekindled their romance, but she still didn’t think she was a good fit for him,” a source revealed.

“So, when Zoe and Bradley started talking to one another again, she told Bradley that their relationship failed twice already, what’s the point of going through all of that again?

“Like all moms, Gloria is very protective of her son, and gets to know his girlfriends’ well. She approved of Renee Zellweger and they are still friends to this day.

“But she just didn’t click with Zoe, found her a little difficulty to get to know, and it seemed like Zoe was perhaps a little intimidated by her.

“You do have to wonder if Bradley will ever find a girl that is perfect for him and his mom!” the source said.

I care less about their relationship than I do about knowing whether Gloria calls Bradley by his full name all the time. Zoe seems like a boring bitch, Bradley Cooper is overrated and this whole story is making me want a nap and it’s not even noon, but it’s Saturday and there’s not much news going, so take it as you will.

‘The Hangover III’ is Going to Be a Really Audacious Movie

The Hangover III pictures, photos

I will be honest – I appreciated the humor in the first two films, but I didn’t really enjoy them. For the record, Bachelorette is my favorite movie of the “people-getting-wasted-at/before-weddings-and-do-crazy-shit” genre, but hey, I’d watch just about anything starring Bradley Cooper. Because I like Bradley Cooper a freakin’ lot.  Obviously.

Did you guys even know that they were filming The Hangover III?!  Well, I didn’t either, but now we all do, so let’s check out what it’s going to be about.

The rumor has it that Melissa McCarthy will be in it, and that it won’t involve waking up in the morning and not remembering what went down the previous night (and where the f*ck this monkey came from), but it will end in Vegas.  Writer Craig Mazin told E!:

“The storyline is quite a bit different, but it’s still the four guys that are on an insane adventure,” Mazin continued. “Frankly, [director] Todd [Phillips] and I really approached this in the point of view of a great ending to a trilogy and it kind of explains quite a bit and ties back to the first movie in a very interesting way. I think Todd did an incredible job.”

Oh, blah blah blah.  You don’t really need to sell this one, Craig.  Just say that Bradley Cooper will be in it, and let’s call it a day.

The Hangover III will be released in May this year.

Image via E! Online.

“The Place Beyond the Pines” Trailer is Here!

If there’s anything I love more than watching all the new movies, it is watching trailers for the movies that hasn’t come out yet. The only downside is that nowadays Hollywood advertises films that are still currently in the making, and wouldn’t be released for at least another ten months or so, and if there’s something I dislike more than waiting to see a movie, it is waiting to see a good movie.

“The Place Beyond the Pines” looks promising – it is character driven, it features our beloved (shirtless!) Ryan Gosling, his beloved Eva Mendes, and my beloved Bradley Cooper, of whom I think ever more highly with every new dramatic role he takes on, and it seems to be about action-spiked moral dilemmas.  Plus, a very cute little baby:

The Place Beyond the Pines still, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper, pictures, photos
And speaking of babies, just another (rather personal) thing – I haven’t been feeling that awesome lately, and after numerous visits to the doctor in the past few days it became clear that I won’t be having a baby this year after all.  I am only sharing this because after my booming first post here at Evil Beet, I was receiving congratulatory e-mails from you guys, and although they are very sweet and touching, it is just too much for me.  Also, I want to get it out of the way and avoid future awkwardness.  So I thank you all and I promise to think lots and lots of positive thoughts.  Meanwhile, please take a minute to meet my Shelby.  She is a special kind of fluffycat.

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly via heyuguys.

Taylor Swift Hit on Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper Was Like “LOL, No”

A photo of Bradley Cooper

From Radar:

You just know there’s another song that’s going to written from this: Taylor Swift wants to hook up with Bradley Cooper, has learned exclusively.  And now the superstar singer has asked  pal Jennifer Lawrence to introduce her to Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley.

The newly single 23-year-old country music singer desperately wants to date the hunky Hangover actor and has begged Jennifer, 22, to set up them up. However, when Jennifer sounded Bradley, 38, out about Taylor he said he wasn’t interested and that she was too young for him!

“Bradley has absolutely no intention of getting together with Taylor,” a source told

“First of all, her reputation precedes her. Bradley is very wary of dating someone who is a bit of a serial dater like Taylor.

“He thinks she’s far too young for him and wants to date someone his own age, not 16-years younger because he’s ready for something serious.

“It was a little awkward for Bradley . Jennifer came to him and told him that Taylor was interested in getting together. He had to politely decline, knowing full well that Jennifer and Taylor are friends. It was an ambitious move from Taylor, but she’s going to have fixate on someone else as Bradley’s just not that into her,” the source divulged.

Oh my gosh, you guys, excuse me while I laugh all over the place. I’m laughing so much because I know in my heart that this happened, and that Bradley Cooper‘s face throughout the whole thing was hilarious. Oh, and also because I’m sure Jennifer Lawrence was awkward about it.

The only thing that doesn’t make me laugh is the thought of how Taylor took the rejection. Hint: I’m sure it wasn’t good. Extra hint: let’s all hope that Taylor doesn’t know how to make legit voodoo dolls.

2012 in Review: The Year’s Most Bankable Thespians

photo of Natalie Portman portrait pictures
1. Natalie Portman: Returns $42.70 for every $1 paid.

photo of kristen stewart portrait pictures
2. Kristen Stewart: Returns $40.60 for every $1 paid.

photo of shia labeouf portrait pictures
3. Shia LaBeouf: Returns $35.80 for every $1 paid.

photo of robert pattison portrait pictures
4. Robert Pattinson: Returns $31.70 for every $1 paid.

photo of daniel radcliffe portrait pictures
5. Daniel Radcliffe: Returns $30.50 for every $1 paid.

photo of taylor lautner portrait pictures
6. Taylor Lautner: Returns $29.50 for every $1 paid.

photo of bradley cooper portrait pictures
7. Bradley Cooper: Returns $25.00 for every $1 paid.

photo of dwayne johnson pictures
8. Dwayne Johnson: Returns $22.70 for every $1 paid.

photo of amy adams pictures portrait
9. Amy Adams: Returns $22.60 for every $1 paid.

photo of kevin james portrait pictures
10. Kevin James: Returns $22.70 for every $1 paid.

[Source: Forbes]

Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Like Deodorant, is Compulsive About Showering

photo of bradley cooper esquire pictures
Did I ever tell you guys that Bradley Cooper was once one of my hottest men, and yeah, while he’s all handsome and stuff, no, I don’t know what I was thinking by including such a cookie-cutter dude in my list of Hottest Men of All Time. Maybe I was ovulating or PMSing or something, because aren’t there studies out there saying that a woman’s taste in men often differs depending on what’s going on and where she is in her—oh my god I’m going to say it, male readers, so tune out—menstrual cycle?

Ahem, anyway. Here’s an excerpt from Bradley’s interview with Esquire, wherein he talks about the dangers of deodorant.

Bradley on paying his dues in Hollywood:

“No. I mean, it depends on how you define ‘dues.’ I worked through grad school, and I got this job hosting Treks [in a Wild World], which was incredible. I went to Croatia, the Kornati Islands. They wanted a guy with experience with extreme travel but who has extreme sensibilities. I had never even camped before.”

On hating deodorant:

“Yeah, I don’t use deodorant really anymore. I do take a lot of showers, so maybe that helps. In the morning and then at night. And after I work out, I’ll take a shower. So maybe three a day.”

On his “troubled” youth:

“I got arrested when I was 15. Just underage drinking. My mom always said, ‘Just call me, I wanna know where you are.’ We always had good lines of communication, me and my parents.”

On making his money:

“It’s afforded me the ability to do the five movies I did between Hangover II and Hangover III. And you can solve people’s problems. To be able to say to someone, ‘You know what? I’m gonna buy your house for you. You don’t have to worry about the mortgage anymore.’”

Finally, how he loves motorcyles:

“I love the focus aspect of it. And you get everywhere fast because you can split lanes in California. And in Hollywood, there’s so much paparazzi, it’s just logistically phenomenal. Because you’re anonymous. You have a helmet on your head.”

So he’s sweet, yeah? And when you couple sweet with decent-looking, you think you’d have a pretty hot little catch on your hands, wouldn’t you. The thing is, Bradley Cooper’s just so … I don’t know. “Meh.” Bradley Cooper’s just MEH.

Bradley Cooper Turned Down Dita Von Teese: Girl, What?

A photo of Dita Von Teese

Look at this lady. No, really look at her. Oh my god, that fierce bitch is Dita Von Teese, and she is flawless. I can’t even wrap my head around how gorgeous she is: she is too beautiful for the human mind to comprehend beyond “nnngh.” I know she’s done some questionable things (marrying Marilyn Manson, namely, but she fixed that), but I honestly didn’t think that one single person on this planet would be able to turn down this lady if they were ever given the precious, precious chance to be in her presence.

But Bradley Cooper did. And he as to answer for this.

Dita Von Teese has claimed she is enjoying the single life, but she recently got blanked when she tried to chat-up Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper in a Los Angeles restaurant, is exclusively reporting.

The star pair found themselves in trendy hotspot — Italian eaterie Farfalla in Los Feliz — at the same time when an eyewitness spied Dita, 40, licking her lips in the general direction of The Hangover star.

However, the burlesque dancer’s attempts at inviting Bradley, 37, over to her table floundered after she tried to send a drink his way. He refused her offer and left the restaurant without even saying goodbye! ( In September, Cooper revealed he’s been sober for 8 years.)

“Bradley completely snubbed Dita when she made a beeline for him,” an onlooker told

“She was desperate to get his attention, so she asked the waitress to go over to his table and ask him what he wanted to drink. Bradley told the waitress he’s on a health kick at the moment and said he was fine.

“After that, Dita was looking over at him, fluttering her eyelids and wanted him to join her and her friend. But Bradley just wasn’t that into her, he ignored her eye contact and just looked down at his phone. He left before she did and didn’t even acknowledge her on the way out of the restaurant. She looked gutted.

“It really was an awkward moment for Dita, I’m sure a lot of men wouldn’t turn her down,” the source concluded.

There have been rumors that Bradley is back with his ex-girlfriend, Zoe Saldana, so I’m hoping that’s the case. I’m hoping that Bradley is just super faithful and in love with her, and that he wasn’t just some single dude with no attachments who turned down Dita Von Teese. Because my mind can’t handle that, it really can’t.