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8Okay This Is Just Disgusting (Blind Item)

henry cavill man of steel

I thought we had a gross blind item, but I was wrong. That is nothing compared to this gem, from Blind Gossip via Naughty But Nice Rob. I don’t recommend eating while reading this one.

Which A-list male celebrity is being refused clothes by several fashion houses after recent samples have been returned soiled?

The actor has recently lost a lot of weight, telling everyone that a strict diet and regular visits to the gym are behind his new body of steel. However, insiders say the young action star has been cheating and using laxatives to make himself look amazing on the screen.

Not only does he have a leakage problem, but the young stud also has an odor problem – as he cannot stop farting!

This seems pretty obvious — gotta be Henry “Man Of Steel” Cavill of the new Superman movie, right? Two things though. 1. Is he really considered “A-list”? 2. Did he recently lose a lot of weight? This implies that this dude wasn’t always so buff. If it isn’t Henry Cavill (and for Kaley Cuoco’s sake, hopefully it isn’t) then that sucks because the blind pretty much straight-up says that it is, given these clues. What a…crappy thing to do. YEEEEAAAHHH!!

In conclusion, ew.

July 6, 2013 at 4:00 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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4Another Obvious Blind Item About Kanye

kanye west blind item

Kanye West is the target of a few blind items and they’re all so obvious. Keep in mind that just because he’s (more than likely) the answer to the item doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true. But I can believe most of this one, only because it’s about how awesome Kanye thinks he is. I mean, come on, could this item really be about anyone else? They’re not even trying. It’s almost as crappy as our stupid blind item.

From Blind Gossip (and watch out, it’s a doozy!):

This musical celebrity cheated, he knows it, and he is totally lying about it.

Some of you may be wondering: Why would a famous celebrity – who has both a real significant other and a fake significant other – cheat on them both? [...] his cheating is not so much about his sexuality as it is about his narcissism!

One of his business associate – a very respected person in the music industry – explained it to us this way:

“He really does think that the world revolves around him because he is convinced that he is so special. Everything that everyone else is and does and says is valid only in the context of whether their actions support or oppose the grandiose view he has of himself.

[Of course he cheated] but of course he is going to lie about it! He thinks that everyone (man or woman as long as they are very beautiful or talented or famous or special in some way) should want him sexually! Everyone should respect his superior talent! Everyone should only say things to him that he wants to hear! Everyone should only take photos of him when he wants them taken! Everyone should believe everything he says [whether it's true or not]! In his opinion, anyone who doesn’t do these things or believe these things or act the way he thinks they should act is either stupid or ungrateful or unworthy or a loser and deserves to be attacked or ignored by him.

[His business associates] know all this about him and we know that he can turn on the superficial charm and act all nice to get what he wants. [But we also know] that it’s just temporary and superficial and that he is really just empty or angry and doesn’t genuinely give a sh*t about anyone except himself. [I hope that this helps] you understand why he cheats and lies about it and also why doesn’t have any real friends. It’s all about him using people to get what he wants all the time and getting angry and lying if it doesn’t go exactly the way he wants it to go. He is incapable of behaving differently!”

So for those of you not aware, Kanye has been rumored to be gay for a while now. If you weren’t aware of this, please tell me.

June 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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8Does Tyra Banks “not care anymore”?

tyra banks blonde hair bangs

Supermodels are judged pretty harshly as they age, and God forbid they ever leave the house without makeup. Sometimes though, I won’t lie, I feel smug satisfaction when some of them are photographed looking crappy because when you hit the genetic jackpot you deserve some bad hair days too. There’s this blind item going around that I think is clearly about Tyra Banks. Here it is, from Downfront 2 via Blind Gossip:

This Supermodel was seen on the street looking very relaxed… with very unsupermodel makeup.

Does she not care anymore? Could this be a sign of retirement? She’s been out of the spotlight for a minute anyway.

At first, I thought it might be about Cindy Crawford since she was photographed yesterday at LAX without makeup on, but Ms. Crawford’s been in the spotlight lately after showing up at Cannes looking fab and then a few days ago, a photo of her 16-year old self modeling in a bikini “leaked”. I did some googling and found photos of Tyra Banks from June 4 “on the street” looking “very unsupermodel”-y. Here’s one of them, from SandraRose.

tyra banks candid no makeup 2013

And here’s another one from a separate NYC outing.

tyra banks in nyc 2013

It’s fine, let Tyra walk around without makeup/bad makeup. I like seeing celebs go barefaced. It does seem a little unusual for her though, doesn’t it? Isn’t she known for being super high maintenance?

Yeah, it’s a pretty slow news day.

June 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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6Blind Item About Miley And Liam?

miley liam split

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have got to be the most annoying on-again off-again couple in history (though Kristen/Rob and Rihanna/Chris could definitely take that title). So when I saw this blind item I thought, this has to be about them. From Blind Gossip:

Just a few weeks ago, this on-again, off-again young celebrity couple was acting as if everything was on again. They were seen together, all cute and cuddly and romantic.

Sweet, right? And, of course, it’s purely coincidental timing that they got back together again just before she had a new project to promote, and that he is being all supportive of her new project!

The truth is that they are not really together again. They actually broke up. In fact, she is dating someone else. And that someone else just happens to be… female. Yes, it turns out that our girl is secretly bisexual!

No, it’s not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. In this case, he is older than she.

Let’s review.

– Item says “young celebrity couple”, without specifying what their jobs in the industry are. It also says she has a “new project” to promote — note the use of the word “project” and not movie. Which leads me to believe that this isn’t about an actress, and that this couple is from different entertainment circles. Liam is an actor, Miley is a singer.

– They’re known for being on and off and despite all clear signs that they’re off, they haven’t officially confirmed it.

– I can totally see Miley being into girls. This is based on a few little things, like Miley “teasing” that she’d like to make out with Rihanna, and oh, these photos of her making out with a girl (thanks, Hollywood Life!). There was also a story last year from ClevverNews that Miley was “caught” kissing a girl in NYC.

– Miley has a much talked about upcoming album. Lots of buzz.

– As Lainey Gossip pointed out, Liam just joined twitter. So far all he’s tweeted is a hello and a blatant promotional tweet for his upcoming film, but I can absolutely see him using this as a way to show his support for Miley’s album. A tweet here and there as the release date gets closer. He’s following only 13 people and one of them is Miley. Kind of weird to follow your ex-fiance, unless you don’t want people to know you actually broke up, and unless you’re only using twitter as a promotional tool instead of a personal outlet.

– Finally, Liam (23) is older than Miley (20).


The one thing though is that he needs her WAY more than she needs him, and the wording of this item suggests that keeping the charade benefits her more.


What are your guesses?

June 6, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

4Which Actor Has A “Secret Baby”?

dinosaur baby

There’s a blind item going around from Allie Is Wired that an actor in a big film franchise has a “secret baby”. Secret Baby is a great name for a band. Let’s take a look:

Which actor in a big film franchise is battling baby daddy problems? She was happy to keep her pregnancy and his identity a secret for a few years, but now she wants him to be a part of the kid’s life. Things aren’t going well. He wants to maintain their current arrangement where she gets to dip into his bank vault and he gets to be single and free.

A lot of people are guessing January Jones on this one, but I don’t think it’s her because

1. The item doesn’t suggest that the mom is famous.

2. January Jones has made it very clear lately that she is not going to reveal the identity of her son’s dad.

3. Jason Sudeikis was not in a big film franchise and he is obviously the father of her kid.

So what are some big film franchises? Avengers, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man…it’s probably some random supporting character from a huge film, since the item doesn’t say that the actor is big, just the film. So I’m going to guess Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard.

June 5, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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6A Pretty Crappy Blind Item

blind item

This was too stupid not to share. Here’s a blind item directly from our own source. It is the stupidest blind item ever.

Which mega performer has to have major poop privacy? After playing a huge venue, she made an unscheduled stop into the media room, with 2 handlers. The room was still filled with writers and bloggers when one handler asked the other if he “had to go that bad”. He shook his head and gestured it was the pop princess who needed to use the restroom. They then made it clear that everyone needed to clear out NOW and not come back, as this wasn’t going to be a quick bathroom stop. There were many other bathrooms nearby but this one was the furthest away from any prying ears…or noses, which I guess made it the only one in the world for this girl. I know we all want privacy and don’t want to be disturbed while in the bathroom, but to kick everyone out when there are plenty of other options? Seems kinda rude.

Yes, I am an 8 year-old and I have very high standards.

May 28, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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