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Ashley Tisdale

Stars Without Makeup: Ashley Tisdale

photo of ashley tisdale no makeup pics photos
Hey, guys, look: it’s Ashley Tisdale, and she’s not wearing any makeup. :X

See, it’s these kinds of photos make me so happy. Gleeful, even. And you know why? Not because of that “without all the makeup, celebrities are just like us BS” excuse, even though it’s true—but because if you have the right stylists and makeup artists and wardrobe specialists, we could all be f-cking Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry. I mean, have you seen those women without their faces on? Yeah, because for the most part, they look just like anyone else off the street, and so does Ashley. Honestly. If she walked down my street looking like this, I probably wouldn’t even bat an eye. I might even throw a few ones at her, because she sort of looks like my papergirl, and I’d WHIP them instead of being all thoughtful and nice and tucking them underneath the welcome mat like a nice lady would because she’s a real big bitch who pelts my paper at my front door like she’s trying to break it down.

Actually, I guess you kind of suck in your own special way, Ashley Tisdale, and now? Well, now I may never like you.

Love It or Leave It: Ashley Tisdale and Her Boots

A photo of Ashley Tisdale

Normally, I love a good pair of boots. Ankle boots, mid-calf, knee-high, even a pair of thigh highs every now and then (Courtney Stodden’s stripper boots don’t count). But these things that are on Ashley Tisdale‘s feet right here? No. No, Ashley. Do those lace up all the way from the toes? What does that even mean?

You want a piece of advice, Ashley? Just go naked. The next time you think these boots are a good idea, just go naked instead. I think you’ll get further in life.

Leah Remini Does Funny or Die (Ashley Tisdale Does, Too, But It’s More ‘Die’ Than ‘Funny’)

Isn’t Leah Remini the greatest? And do we remember her way back in the Saved by the Bell days, when she played Zack’s summer love interest, Stacey Carosi, who was the daughter of the guy who ran the beach club where the gang all stayed? That was just THE LIMIT.

Also, this is as close as I’ve ever gotten to watching Toddlers & Tiaras. Tell me, readers, is this how it really goes? Because if it is … we are gonna have a lot of messed up, entitled, twattish girls down the road, as if we don’t already have enough the way it is.