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Alyson Hannigan

3Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Time once again to take a gander at what celebs are wearing and dub someone BEST, WORST, and WTF. My picks are at the bottom. Let’s get right to it!


February 7, 2014 at 11:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

4‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators Are Sorry About That Racist Episode

how i met your mother

I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, so I never saw this as it aired, but apparently there was an uproar over a recent episode in which the characters played by Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor and Alyson Hannigan were all shown wearing stereotypical Asian attire as part of some “slap bet” saga that’s been ongoing in the series. Here are two examples:



There was an outcry on Twitter, and viewers started using the hashtag #HowIMetYourRacism, which eventually prompted creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to issue an apology.

I’m a bit torn on this. After all, we don’t really give Katy Perry shit when she wears a kimono (well, some people do, but you know what I mean), so why should Cobie Smulders doing it on TV be any different? Then again, Katy is one person and this was a whole episode of white people dressing up in costumes. I do, however, believe Bays that this was innocent and not an intended farce (which doesn’t make the end result better but we should cut them some slack). The problem is, most people aren’t trained to think critically about race in that way, so something that seems innocent in your mind can come off totally different to those who have been marginalized all their lives. Hopefully this was just a learning experience for them, fans can accept the apology – which really does seem sincere – and move on.

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January 16, 2014 at 12:30 pm by Jennifer

7Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Dita Von Teese, world's most glamorous EVERYTHING.

Dita Von Teese, world’s most glamorous EVERYTHING.

Welcome again to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week in which we point out who looked great, bad, and most WTF. Last week Amanda Seyfried won my pick for best dressedWho will get it this week? Did Christina Applegate do something to her lips/face or is it just unfortunate makeup? And how many wacky outfits did we post of Gaga‘s?

Remember to have your picks ready at the end for the BEST, WORST, and most WTF outfits/looks.


December 13, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

3Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week September 9-15

scarlett johansson late night jimmy fallon show

Last time we celebrated the looks of Katy Perry, Daniel Radcliffe, and surprisingly, Lady Gaga. Who dazzled me this week, who disappointed, and who WTF’d my shit up? And do you agree or disagree? Let’s take a fashion journey. It was fashion week, after all.

LIGHTEN UP, IT'S JUST FASHION! From the Ashish show during London Fashion Week.

LIGHTEN UP, IT’S JUST FASHION! From the Ashish show during London Fashion Week.

BEST: ???

WORST: ???

WTF: ???



September 15, 2013 at 8:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

1Alyson Hannigan Files Restraining Order

alyson hannigan lily aldrin willow american pie

Alyson Hannigan, my beloved Lily of How I Met Your Mother, filed a restraining order against a megacreep named John Hobbs. Hobbs, a 43 year-old resident of New Hampshire and recent mental hospital patient, has been threatning Ms. Hannigan online with charming messages of how he’d like to rape and kill her. The order would also protect her husband and children.

It’s interesting that the law is starting to take online threats as serious threats. Though there still needs to be a court date set for the judge to grant the order or not, I’m glad that it’s gotten to the point where police are stepping in. There’s freedom of speech and here’s hate speech and there’s threats, and I think there’s usually a pretty clear difference. Sometimes it gets out of hand when someone on Twitter writes something like, “Ugh OMG I hate Obama I hope he dies lol whatever YOLO” and gets a call from the FBI, but if doing that means that we can also protect people from actual assholes and murderers, it may be worth it.

What’s also sad about this is that he was in a treatment facility for something and obviously should still be there. He should definitely not have access to the Internet where he can post upsetting shit on the Alyson Hannigan Fan Page.

February 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

8Alyson Hannigan Had Her Baby!

A photo of Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof

From People:

It’s a sister for Satyana!

Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisofwelcomed a daughter, Keeva Jane Denisof, on Wednesday, May 23, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“They are all doing well,” the rep says.

The couple, who met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, announced the pregnancy in December.

While promoting American Reunion, Hannigan remarked that the size of her bump had people wondering if she was due sooner rather than later.

“The last couple of times I’ve been at stores people have been like, ‘Oh, you’re ready to pop, right?’” the actress, 38, said. “I’m like, ‘Actually, I have a couple more months.’”

Soon after confirming Keeva’s birth, How I Met Your Mother star Tweeted a sneak peek of her newborn — a photo of her little hand.

That photo of her little hand, by the way?

You GUYS! Alyson Hannigan is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable ladies in the game. She’s adorable, her husband is adorable, their daughter is adorable, and, judging by the little bitty baby hand, her youngest daughter is adorable as well. And Keeva Jane? Well, that’s just darling.

But wait! Alyson met her husband on Buffy? Yes, she did, because Alexis Denisof played Wesley, the silly Watcher who had the weird thing with Cordelia. How did I not know this? Why was this information kept from me? Is there a lot of creepy fan fiction inspired by this? I bet there’s a lot of creepy fan fiction.


June 13, 2012 at 4:30 am by Emily
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