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Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier’s Senior Class Photo!

Here’s Lady Lovely Locks, AKA teenaged Adrian Grenier, in what must be the most magical 1990s senior photo ever composed. He stares doe-eyed into the camera’s flash, looking directly into the glowing vortex of his bright future. I especially love the way Grenier’s flowing locks—which accentuate his natural widow’s...

Who’s the Bitch, Adrian?

You guys did a great job of successfully identifying Joey Kern as Ginnifer Goodwin’s new hottie boyfriend, so now I’ve got another one for ya. My boyfriend Adrian Grenier was photographed out and about looking verrrry handsome, but the problem is that he was grabbing lunch with some stupid whore. Who is she???? NAME THAT STUPID WHORE!

Adrian Grenier’s Band Rocks Sydney

I just can’t stop laughing at these photos of Adrian Grenier rocking out on the drums as his band, The Honey Brothers, plays a gig in Sydney, Australia. He looks so into it! Oh, Adrian, the next time you feel the need to bang something real hard, you have my number. I’ve left it in your agent’s voicemail at least 100 times.