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Kyle Chrisley gets married in Florida

If you’ve never seen the reality show “Christley Knows Best” I would genuinely recommend you just tune in for

Todd and Ashleigh
Courtesy of Ashleigh Celeste Nelson via

one episode.   Anyone.   Doesn’t matter.    They’re all the same, really.  But this is the weirdest yet most loving family that I can’t even say for sure they’re even related.

Anyway, eldest son to show matriarch, Todd Christy, Kyle Christy decided be damned covid varients, I must marry my lady before summer.  Lets head to Covid central.

Kyle tied the knot with his fiancée Ashleigh Nelson on March 30 in St. Augustine, Florida, according to a marriage certificate obtained by People mag.

No witnesses were listed, so maybe he kept it legit low key.

“I’ve always known from the beginning that Kyle is who I would marry,” new bride Ashleigh said. “To know the Chrisleys is to love them, and Kyle is no different.”  You can say that again.

In all seriousness, I wish them well.  They look out for one another.

In mid February, Ashleigh took to Instagram to announce the engagement and show off that ring!