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Is Trump TV an inevitability?

We all know Donald Trump will stop at nothing to make himself feel important.  And this latest insanity might actually be his ticket to worship.

Back in 2016 Trump, when trump was running for president just to get his network bosses to give him a better tv contract, he threw around the idea of starting his own TV network.  Think TNN: Trump News Network.  But then to everyone’s surprise, he won the presidential race and was preoccupied for the last four years with golf and photo ops.

Now that Biden positively squeaked out a win and left Donny with nothing but time on his hands, many are speculating that the new network will be up and running for DT to assume anchoring immediately following his eviction from 1600 Penn.

There is reason to believe these talks are serious. Trump’s actions this year—and in the last few days especially—clearly demonstrate he thinks the only network that can sufficiently stroke his own ego is one owned and operated by himself and his progeny.

According to several news outlets, Trump’s camp is furious with the conservative cable news network Fox News for projecting Joe Biden would win the state of Arizona, which threw a wrench into the president’s desperate plan to delegitimize the results of the election. Kushner reportedly called Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch and demanded the network retract its call.

So when you can’t get others to properly blow smoke up your ass, you might as well do it yourself.