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Lily James cancels ‘Today’ show appearance amid Dominic West drama

If you weren’t aware, at the end of last week, Lily James and he costar, Dominic West set tongues wagging when they were spotted frolicking all over Europe.  This is despite the fact that Dominic is married to an aristocrat whom he lives with in a castle with their kids.

Then on Friday, Dominic and his wife posed together, letting the press know they were ok.  But the very next day Lily and Dom were back at it.

Now I guess Lily can’t face the mess she’s made, b/c she’s dropping out of commitments.

An NBC source confirmed that James and Hammer had canceled their “Today” show interview.

The British actress, 31, who has the lead role in the adaption of Daphne du Maurier’s famous novel, was then due to continue her week of promotion with a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” on Thursday. It’s not yet known whether she’ll still appear.

James was still slated to appear on the “Today”, but she pulled out over the weekend, we’re told.

James was pictured canoodling with West — who plays her dad in a new BBC drama — during a two-day trip to Rome, where they shared a suite in the posh Hotel De La Ville.