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Kristen Johnston: I AM NOT KIRSTIE ALLEY!

LOL this is just too much.  Kristen Johnston is the hilarious actress and star of the show “MOM”.  Back in the day she was on “3rd Rock from the Sun”.  Kirstie Alley was the star of Cheers and full time Scientologist.  Get them straight!

Over the weekend, Kirstie Alley took to Twitter/Gram to announce that Trumps her man and she believes the asshat can turn the country around.  This apparently got people so worked up they lashed out at anyone they ever felt resembled or had a similar name to Kirstie.  Like Kristen.

“Omg you guys I’m not Kirstie Alley!!!!! Stop yelling at me!” Johnston tweeted on Sunday along with a doctored photo of herself giving the middle finger at a rally for Donald Trump.