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Kendall Jenner and Jordyn Woods quasi meet at Coachella


There have been lots of not exciting stories about Jordyn coming out of Coachella, so I finally figured, maybe all together they make a mildly interesting story.

First up, Jordyn has been hanging tight with Jaden Smith and his crew.  She was even spotted on stage during one of his sets. Sets? He do something? Anyway, then Jord had “run in” with Hailey Baldwin, who I didn’t know had a side in all this, but it was labled awkward by whoever saw it happen. (see photo below)

But then Hailey gave her love to Jaden and moved on to other things.

What I want photos of is the half meet under the cabana.  According to page six “Woods was hanging out with Jaden Smith at the Bootsy Bellows bash at a private estate when Kendall and her crew arrived. “They were seated under the same cabana,” says a spy. “Kendall’s group turned their back toward Jordyn. Jordyn eventually got up and left.”