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Jay-Z & Beyonce Twins Revealed!

The Queen Bey dropped a double dose of beauty early Friday when she posted a colorful image of herself carrying the newest members of the Bey-hive.

Beyoncé posted the stunning Instagram photo of herself cradling twins Sir and Rumi — the second and third children of the “Lemonade” singer and hip-hop legend Jay-Z.

“Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today,” the singer, 35, wrote on Instagram.


Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. ??????????????

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  • LOL. Sir? What is up with African Americans naming their children these obnoxious, “important”, overly positive, regal ype names? I’m not the only who’s been noticing the disturbing trend. I say disturbing because it points to underlying emotional issues. Names like Prince, Tiara, Angel, King, Precious, Dream, Saint, Princess, Diamond, and now Sir.. literally stopping short of Perfect and Queen of the World. They even use names of expensive sports cars now. It’s embarassing when you have to prove to the world you are something.

    It’s almost as if they have some kind of emotional insecurity, believing these special names make up for growing up on the polar opposite side of the wealth and fame spectrum, as most, if not all, grew up in the hood and/or without money, education, respect, family etc., then suddenly strike it rich in the entertainment and sports industries and want to give their children a life previously unimaginable. Which is understandable, who wouldn’t? Especialy growing up with nothing. Ironically, these names are doing the opposite of their intended purpose, as the people they seek to impress can see why it’s being done and view it as unclassy, obnoxious, and entitled. New money, indeed.

    I’m not a psychologist, but it’s very obvious and seems to be a growing trend among them. Actually, doctors should conduct a case study on it, as it would be interesting to see the psychology behind the phenomenon. If you feel this is a racist statement, then tell the african american community to stop doing it, then people won’t say it. It is what it is, literally. This shouldn’t be viewed as racist. It should be viewed as a racial issue in this country. Do successful black people really feel that unimportant, that disrespected, and that beneath others that they feel the need to go out of their way and push their new money, importance, and value in the world’s face by proving their children are better and worthy of such names? That is sad. No one should feel that way, but in a society that measure importance by what’s in your bank account, I can see how they want to show the world they’re movong on up, so to speak. It’s like a defense mechanism, it’s basically saying “my children ARE better than yours, they’re perfect, and saint-like, and royal, and diamonds”, even when they’re clearly not. They’re like veryone else in this world. That’s actually embarassing, not awesome. They’ve got it all wrong.

    • Thank you I couldn’t agree more. WTF is wrong with celebrities today you’ve made your children a target for mockery. AND Rumi ?? as in Captain Morgan OR is it pronounced “Roomie” either way lol