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Our Christmas Gifts for the Home List!

The good part about buying a gift for the home is that everyone has one and everyone wants their home to be inviting. Well, almost everyone.  The problem is finding unique gifts that are still broad enough that most people would want them.

So lets take a look at some items for the home. These are great gifts for teens who are really starting to express themselves in their surroundings!

This cap map allows the sudds lover in your life to prove they get around where beer consumption is concerned.  81 holes should be a hint that this isn’t a state by state representation, but it’s still fun to try 81 different beers!

$29 and the seller has individual state boards as well! 


Candles are almost always a slam dunk where the ladies are concerned. But if you really want to stand out, make your candle a conversation piece as well. The Trudeau candle ($18.5) smells like tea and maple. Like all good Canadian sophisticates.    And these cork candles ($16) are brilliant and fit most wine bottles for instant romance.

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Tea has been a beverage and potion for centuries and now it’s able to be both.  For all your Potter, Game of Thrones, or whatever else fans, this delightful tea set will make relaxing with a hot cup an experience.


Ok, I was 24 when I got my mosquito net canopy and it was my favorite gift that year. Whether your make a dreamy and whimsical place for your kids or a tropical getaway for an adult, the net canopy is a huge impact for just $40.


God I wish this was available when I was a teen. I would change the message every day! This super fun lightbox lets you change the message with lots of letters included.  Great for teens, office desks, media rooms, you name it! And Under $20! 2016-11-14 12-49-35

I have a couple of staples I give as house warming presents and bird house or feeder is at the top.  The homes are often amazing works of art, like this beautiful spherical one, and they invite nature into a loved ones life. They’re perfect.  $40 is cheap for art.

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This is amazing.  A humidifier doesn’t seem like the most romantic gift to give, but it’s a useful one. It WILL get used.  In the cold months a personal humidifier helps keep skin from cracking, throats from drying and often stops static! This little guy actually works with a regular water bottle and travels with you!  $20!


Ok. So this might be a little ridiculous. But what do you get that wine lover who has it all? A suction cup wive holder for in the bathtub.  It’s also like $10, so it’s fun and cheap.


This last item is great b/c it doesn’t use fire. These clever silicone bags just shake open, you fill them with water and drop a tea light in them! Easy peasy! And the lights included. They create instant atmosphere for little money. Under $15!


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