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Holiday Gift Guide!

We’re 47 days till Christmas and Chanukah  and and that seems like as good a time as any to start really narrowing down my choices for gifts. Each week I hope to share a handful of items that I think are awesome and original.  Plus, as I am on a budget, the collections will mostly be items under the $50 mark.  Evilbeet receives no benefits for recommending a product or site. I say that b/c some sites just have more than others to offer and I hit them a lot.

Today I’m featuring items for your cell phone. These gifts are perfect for secret santa at work, teens and really anyone with a phone, seriously.  


If you know a teenage girl you know someone who wants this. And you can pay up to $60 for a light up iphone case. But you don’t have to when you have ebay!  Just search “light up cell phone case” to get any phone style. Here are some now!   Just $12.00 and free shipping.



If you’re not familiar with Popsocket, get your shit together. They’re ideal stocking stuffer, cheap gift material. For $10 you get this collapsable disc that multifunctions on any phone. It’s a stand, it’s a hand holder thingy…. it’s… that’s it. But it pops on and off and comes in every imaginable pattern.  Get it.


This bluetooth keyboard folds up to just about the size of the average cell phone and fits in your purse. You can connect it to your tablet, phone or pc! It’s also highly rated. A lot of POW! for $35! 2016-11-06 22-37-03


This is the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh its an unreal deal for $15.99.  It’s intuitive and will detect your phone type for the most powerful and fastest charge. It’s compact, but it’s even worth having one at home for blackouts. It will give a phone two full charges. 



Ok, this is the most legit item on the list. It takes that phone that your dirty kids played with and that you coughed on and all that and sanitizes it for your protection. I bought two of these as gifts.   $35 2016-11-06 22-44-53 2016-11-06 22-45-11


This is a simple remote for your camera that allows you take pictures a distance of 12 meters from your phone. It’s only $6.99 and it’s way cool. 2016-11-06 22-52-58