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Amber Heard’s Video Of Drunk & Aggressive Johnny Depp Leaks & It’s Not Pretty

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I’d love to give a big middle finger and a hearty “Fuck you!” to everyone who called Amber Heard a gold digger, an attention seeker and who claimed that she was “making up” allegations of abuse at the hands of her soon-to-be ex-husband Johnny Depp. Video surfaced this weekend taken by Amber Heard on her cell phone which shows a very drunk and belligerent Johnny Depp drinking wine early in the a.m., breaking glasses, slamming cabinets and promising to “show [Amber] what crazy is.” Charming.

The video won’t be admissable in court — their divorce proceedings are still happening, just FYI — but hopefully it’ll still serve to open some eyes about what a piece of shit Johnny Depp really is. Of course, his people claim that the clip is “heavily edited” despite the fact that it’s one continuous clip. They also claim that Amber was “egging him on” — because, you know, it’s her responsibility to control her husband’s anger. Fuck off, Johnny Depp, and your abuse-condoning PR team.

The video was apparently taken a few months before the May 21 incident in which Amber called police and left Johnny for good. Thank God she got away from this maniac when she did, before he killed her. The saddest part is, he’ll probably still get plenty of work in Hollywood. Ugh.

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  • They were married a year………. a fucking year…………. so even if she takes half of what he earned in that year, and he takes half of what she earned during that year………won’t it will be worth it for the two of them to go there separate ways……… does she think she deserves more? Please….. what is the problem……… ??? Be done with it…. a child has no business trying to get along with someone over 50… He’s probably closer to her grandfathers age and she’s closer to his daughter’s age……….. she was a fuck and arm candy……and then tiresome, cause he’s over 50….. This may be the biggest acting role of her life………… who wrote that piece of tripe above? No one is taking ownership…. why is that? Is there anyone who didn’t suspect a problem between these two? Oh, yes, these two didn’t….. There used to be bumper sticker here in the land of fruits and nuts and it said “Honk if you’ve been engaged to Johnny Depp….. he was engaged to a lot of woman………… I bet Heard is his last engagement, anyone take that bet?

  • You’d like to give a big middle finger to yourself?

    Might I call your attention to your post of a month ago, entitled ‘Amber Heard sets her sights on biggest payout yet!’? The first few lines read:

    ‘The brutally attractive Amber Heard is only in the early stages of fleecing her last victim, Johnny Depp, but she seems to “pounce back” faster than most and has been seen kanoodling with billionaire Elon Musk. Proof that even the brilliant among us can fall prey to a pretty face and statuesque bod. While there’s no solid proof (who needs proof? Gossip is all speculation.) the two are snogging like school kids, I gotta thing either way Depp is glad to have her out of his hair for the moment.’

    So. Yeah.