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Britney Spears Says She’s Never Met Taylor Swift Even Though There Are Pictures Of Them Together


Either Britney Spears is the master of shade or she truly is that out of it (my money’s on the latter), since the “Baby” singer says she’s never met Taylor Swift despite the fact that they’ve taken pictures together on two separate occasions, each several years apart. Yikes. Clearly it wasn’t all that memorable for Brit!

Here’s how it went down: Britney was a guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Sunday morning when someone decided to ask her a stupid question: Who would she rather hang out with, Taylor or Katy Perry? Britney chose Taylor, but only because she’d “never met her before.” Oh, dear.

I love picturing Britney as that absent-minded or drug-addled that she literally has zero recollection of meeting Taylor on either of the occasions she did. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body, really, so I just don’t think this is any kind of shadiness, but who knows?

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  • Probably thrown together at some event for a quick photo op Hi Britney this is Taylor click

  • Well in 2003 no one knew who Taylor Swift was, she was what 13? Her first album was in 2006 no? So that photo is probably a meet and greet and why would Brit remember that?

    The more recent photo? eh, maybe Taylor wasn’t that memorable or she meant it in a way that they have never hung out “met” I don’t think she meant any shade by it.