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Taylor Swift Co-Wrote Calvin Harris’ New and Biggest Song

This Taylor Swift drama is totally uninteresting – hard to take seriously – but like all celebrity gossip, it is like high school drama, and high school drama excites everyday people who are not living the celebrity life.

So the new story is that Taylor Swift co-wrote the Rihanna sung Calvin Harris song, she used a pseudonym for her writing credit, and when Calvin Harris was asked if he’d ever collab with SWIFT by Ryan Seacrest, who is always the cause of evil – see all things Kim Kardashian, and he said no – never – despite having done a song with her and that made her cry.

So she decided to dance with Tom Hiddleston at the met Gala and now she’s having his baby.

Both parties are slated to make 100 million dollars from this song along in their lifetimes – it is his biggest hit – so stop the damn whining.