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Meghan Trainor Busted Her Ass On Live-ish TV

meghan trainor

I can’t stand Meghan Trainor, to be honest, so there’s a certain level of Schadenfreude involved in this story. Last night, while performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Meghan ran into some trouble with those high ass heels that upset me to look at but celebrity ladies seem to love. That trouble saw a classic heel wobble followed by Meghan splatting right on her face on live TV. Well, kinda live – they film ahead of time, but there was still an audience there! Ah, the joy!

Meghan’s performance of “Me Too” went down with a bang (tee hee), and she even took the mic stand with her. Before I describe this scene anymore, allow me to share it in gif form:

So, so good. Jimmy took it in stride and went down on the floor beside her and Meghan lived to tell the tale. One of the best things to happen on TV this week, and actually something that kinda made me like Meghan Trainor, at least a very little bit. Well done.