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Oh God, Robert De Niro Is An Anti-Vaccer

robert de niro

I don’t necessarily hold celebrities in very high esteem or assume that they’re all incredibly intelligent, well-rounded, logical humans. Sure, many of them are, but a whole hell of a lot of them are idiots. However, I thought Robert De Niro would have been in the former group. He’s a legend, and for no other reason than that (which is stupid of me, I adimt), I kinda assumed that he was a rational, smart dude. WRONG. He’s another one of those anti-vaccination assholes, which is disappointing, to say the least.

He’s been trying to save face by saying he’s not totally anti-vaccination, he just wants “safe” vaccinations (despite the fact that vaccinations ARE safe for 99.99% of the population, and certainly much safer than the diseases they’re protecting you against). His documentary on the subject, Vaxxed, recently got pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival, but he just went on the TODAY show to spout his nonsense instead.

Look, De Niro has a child with autism, so it’s not entirely impossible to see why he’s been brainwashed into thinking that it could possibly be vaccinations that are causing the condition since there’s no other explanation. Obviously, if there’s something wrong with your kid, you’re going to want to find out WHY, and somehow this stupid ass link between autism and vaccinations has been one that’s really stuck. Why, I have no idea, but here we are.

It’s a shame some people are so gullible, and that the challenges and pain of having a child with conditions like autism can blind you to cold, hard facts.