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Susan Sarandon Claps Back At Pierce Morgan Over Cleavage Comments

When Susan Sarandon stepped out at the SAG Awards last weekend, she was looking hot as hell. Donning a low-cut white blazer which showed her cleavage in a black bra below, she was killing it for ANY age, let alone the fact that she’s literally 69 years old. The Internet loved it. Her fellow actors loved it. The only person who didn’t like it? Piers Morgan, the morality police/the asshole so annoying even Britain doesn’t want him. He came after Susan on Twitter, saying that since Susan wouldn’t wear that outfit to a funeral, she shouldn’t have worn it while presenting a memorial segment at the SAG Awards. Give me a fucking break.

Thankfully, Susan pretty much thought the same and she immediately clapped back at Piers on the social network, which, while failing to shut him up, did seem to finally get him to come to his senses and realize what an asshole he was being and lighten up.

Here’s their exchange:

You would think Piers Morgan had better things to do with his time then go on a rampage against Susan Sarandon’s cleavage, but I suppose you would be thinking wrong.

Susan looks fantastic. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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  • No! He was quite right,totally in appropriate for her role at the SAGS! She’s magnificent usually but this was wrong and seemed a sad attempt to get people looking!

  • She’s very beautiful, okay? But for an “In Memoriam” segment? C’mon! It’s so ostentatious and irreverent. It’s like something you would see someone do on Curb Your Enthusiasm, the sort of person who’s just following their id, no matter what. She’s basically just walking around in a bra, which is what a character. Sue Ellen, did on Seinfeld, much to many people’s amusement. But now that it’s a widely broadcast reality in a moment that was meant to honor the dead, it’s a perfectly sensible fashion choice? It would be just as ridiculous and wrong for George Clooney to preside over an “In Memoriam” segment in his briefs. Get it together, people.

  • She looked stunning and he was being a twat. And as for the comments on here from people who are jealous, get over yourself. The Role of Susan Sarandon’s mother is taken. If you wouldn’t wear this, then good for you, she would. So many prudes!