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Kate Winslet Is Glad You Still Ship Her With Leonardo DiCaprio

Aside from the brief side eye I had to give my girl Kate Winslet a few months back when she got all weird and basically said it’s uncouth for women to talk about the fact that they’re getting paid less than men in Hollywood for doing the exact same work (and sometimes more), I think she’s cute. She’s “my boo”, as the kids would say, and I find her generally rather charming and extremely British and she’s always enjoyable to watch in interviews. Her stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night was no exception, and she spoke about how so many people consider Kate and Leonardo Dicaprio their OTP for life despite the fact that Titanic came out 20 years ago. Feel old yet?

Kate not only revealed this week that she, too, believes that Rose could have definitely fit Jack on that floating door so he didn’t have to die, but she also said that she thinks it’s “lovely” that people get excited seeing her and Leo in one place. She thinks it’s because people like Jack/Rose, but it’s because we ship them as Hollywood personalities and can’t understand why they didn’t get together, to be honest.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Winslet. DiCaprio can’t seem to settle down and runs through models as often as he changes underwear. As for Kate herself, she’s on her third marriage with a dude who legit thinks “Ned Rock’n’Roll is a suitable name for an adult, and while things are going well, I think Leo is Mr. Right.

And yes, I’m half being facetious because we know nothing about these people, so don’t get your panties in a twist if you disagree.