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Ricky Martin Is Gay, But He’d Sleep With A Woman

In news you never knew you cared about and actually really don’t. Ricky Martin is known as being pretty gay and that’s all fine and well — good for him! There’s nothing wrong with that! But he also felt the need to give an interview recently in which he let the public know that while he’s totally gay, he’s not averse to the idea of having sex with women, and still does it for time to time, just for fun.

From an interview with the Mexican magazine Fama!:

“I’m gay. Men captivate me. But I like to enjoy sex in totally liberty, which is why I am open to having sex with a woman if I felt the desire to, although I would not consider starting a sentimental relationship with her. In that way I’m all about men.”

He then went on to say that he didn’t believe in sexual labels and that “we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs.”

I mean, cool, I guess? I don’t really understand why he feels the need to announce this or why he thinks anyone needs to know, but I guess if it makes him feel better, then good for him. Then again, it all feels kinda… unnecessary. You don’t need to explain your gayness, or quantify it, or make it seems like you’re gay, but not SO gay, etc. I’m not really feeling it. Then again, I’m not really feeling Ricky Martin, either, so whatever.

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  • If Ricky Martin doesn’t want to deal with life with Labels then he should not make any labels for Women. I’m not sure What any Woman would think or feel When you hear a Man Ricky Martin or not that they only need or care he would ever give to any of us would only be for one thing only. No thank you. I know that I never have been or ever wil be anything close to his liking. But to me that never mattered I mainly Liked him for his music nd his voice. I have always considered Ricky as a brother from another mother. But not anymore. His Comments this past week about his only reason ND only need for women to be nothing more than one night stands ND one thing only. I have never felt so degraded. ND disrespected as a women ever. I don’t ever care to meet him any more ever.thats it.

    • He wasnt saying women were only good for one night stands for everyone or in general- he said he’s a gay man and is attracted emotionally and physically to dating men. but hes not against exploring sexuality with a woman. I don’t think there is much to be butt hurt about. he’s sexually adventurous- cool story but not offensive.