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Justin Bieber Is Feeling Too Emo To Perform This Week

justin bieber

I’ve been saying for months how unstable Justin Bieber seems during every single appearance. He’s all over the place whenever he appears in public, whether in interviews or to perform on some stage or another. He never seems to know what he’s talking about and either seems completely disengaged from reality, totally uninterested in what everyone is talking about, or lucid to the point of being in a near coma as he spouts off lines he could be reading from a teleprompter. I don’t think the kid’s very well, and I definitely think he’s doing way too many drugs, and it’s all taking its toll on him, so he’s cancelled a bunch of appearances he was meant to do this week.

From TMZ:

Justin Bieber is totally spent — emotionally and mentally — and as a result he’s pulling the plug on some big time appearances to promote his album.

Sources in Bieber’s world tell us he’s been on a virtual roller coaster — with his moods swinging like a pendulum, and it’s just become too much. We’re told he’s dealing with “personal issues,” but it is NOT related to drugs or alcohol.

Justin cancelled his ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ appearance, scheduled for tonight.

He was also supposed to tape a performance Tuesday evening to air during the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS — but Justin’s backed out of that too.

Given that his new album, Purpose (which is actually pretty good, I have to admit), just came out and is doing really well, he should be on top of the world and in the best possible shape to support it, but alas… it seems like the exact opposite. If he continues like this, I hate to say what’s going to end up happening to him by the time he’s 30 (if he even makes it that far). Get it together, JB.

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