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Mama June Says ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Is Coming Back To TV

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In case you’ve already forgotten about them, the Shannon family of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame was removed from TLC after Mama June and Sugar Bear split up last year and June shacked up with a known child molester (whose victims included her own daughter). The network decided that the redneck factor was a little too high for them and cancelled that shit. But worry not! According to Mama June, there’s another network willing to air their shit, and Honey Boo Boo is coming back to TV!

Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook (via Ace Showbiz):

“Ok for everyone it was asked if we are going to be back on TV the answer is yes and it will be very soon.  will not be was TLC network but it will be announced as we were told with People on Tuesday. I will be able to get out more details soon but we are excited as it will air starting in December.”

She went on to say it would be different from the original show but that “it will be reality TV and it will be real and unscripted like we have always ever been that’s only kind of TV we believe in. We want you all to see the true side of all of us.”

Oh, boy. I doubt anyone will be interested in this anymore, to be honest. The ship has sailed, so to speak, but I guess they want to try and squeeze just a little more cash out of the franchise, so good on ’em, I suppose.

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  • If certain tv networks didn’t have white trash to exploit for their stupidity, they wouldn’t be in business.