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Drake Is Getting His Own Lipstick Shade At Tom Ford


Drake gets made fun of a lot for being the “softie” of the rap world, but whatever. He makes great music and doesn’t pretend to be from a background he isn’t from in order to gain street cred. Basically, I’m here for Drake 100% and always have been, so I’m more pleased about the news that he’s getting his own lipstick shade as part of Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys collection later this month than I am embarrassed for him about it.

From People StyleWatch:

As part of its second annual Lips & Boys collection, Tom Ford is releasing a lipstick to be named after the rapper on Oct. 30th. The collection, which is inspired by notable men in the designer’s life, was previously available for a limited time. But the success of its inaugural launch is triggering talk of a more permanent home for the line — news that’s soothing to Drake fans who were unsure if the lipstick would last them till the debut of the rapper’s upcoming album.

The colour is actually really lovely for this time of year and seems like it’d be universally flattering (though I’d need to see some swatches), so I’ll probably go for it. I bought several of the Lips & Boys releases last year – if makeup is your thing and you remember these, you should know that the 2015 edition of the collection features 25 of last year’s favourites and 25 new shades. They’re available from November 30th, though a few shops (like Selfridges over here in the UK) will have them from Black Friday. Nordstrom or Bergdorf’s might get that kind of exclusive in the US, so you’ll have to have a look if you want Drake or any other shade.

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