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Amanda Bynes Is Going Back To School

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes has had a rough go of things over the past few years, with several mental breakdowns, institutionalization, etc. It’s been tough, but it does seem that she’s gotten herself back on track again and she’s ready to go back to school again. You probably remember that she enrolled at FIDM in Los Angeles — that’s the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising — and she’s ready to

Sources close to Amanda tell TMZ the actress started classes Thursday. We’re told she’s taking sketch classes to learn how to draw fashion pieces that can later be turned into real garments. She’ll have a personal security guard to walk her around campus.

Another positive … Amanda continues to live on her own in LA and gets frequent mental health therapy.

TMZ broke the story … Amanda got the boot from FIDM last year after she allegedly showed up to class high and asked other students to do her work.

Good for her. She wanted to be a fashion designer for a while, and then a psychologist, but now it seems like she’s back to her default interest in fashion. Let’s hope this time is a bit more successful than last and that she finds fulfillment in learning.

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  • “She’ll have a personal security guard to walk her around campus.” Does she really need that? Seems to me she wants to be left the hell alone.