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Amanda Bynes wants to be a psychologist

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes recently got herself released from a mental health facility and despite exhibiting behaviour that pretty much proves she’s in need of serious professional help, she’s managed to sort of, kind of get it together a bit and hasn’t set anyone’s driveway on fire or threatened to kill her dad again recently. In fact, she’s doing so well that she apparently wants to go back to school… to study psychology.

Amanda Bynes has her sights set on USC and the psychology department … but this time not as a patient.

Amanda took a VIP tour of the campus Wednesday and we’re told she told the folks with whom she interacted she wanted to enroll in the school as a psych major.

It makes sense … Amanda has had more than her share of interactions with shrinks over the last two years. A staffer from the admissions department told TMZ … the school does not hold mental illness against any applicant … if they’re qualified and able to engage in studies, that’s all that matters.

As for her tour … several students saw her on the golf cart tooling around campus with headphones, singing “Roar” by Katy Perry.

A USC staffer tells us the earliest she could be admitted is next Fall.

I mean, I want to have high hopes for Amanda. I want to believe that she’s on her meds and stabilized and doing better, but when you’ve got as many issues as she does, it’s unpredictable and NEVER guaranteed to last. Don’t forget, the last time she got out of the mental health facility, she went back to school to study fashion design and then lost it again. I feel like she won’t ever make it into this USC program (or she probably wouldn’t be admitted), but who knows. Maybe it will work out for her, and I hope it does.

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