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Kylie Jenner Got Her Wig Snatched By Fan At Chris Brown Concert

kylie jenner

Plenty of people don’t like the Kardashian/Jenner families, but we just write our observations about their weirdness/pointlessness on the Internet and then otherwise ignore them. Turns out it’s their fans they should be aware of, however, because they can get downright violent, and that’s what happened when Kylie Jenner hit up a Chris Brown concert this past weekend (WHY???) in Anaheim. As she was walking into the venue, a crazed fan grabbed her weave and ripped a giant piece out before Kylie was rescued by her extensive security team and whisked away. Yikes!

That does look pretty scary, and no matter what you think of a celebrity or anyone else for that matter, there’s no excuse for physically assaulting someone or even touching them, so I’ve gotta stand up for Kylie here. Whoever yanked her hair did it HARD, too!

Keep your hands to yourself, people! It seems like the rest of the evening went off without a hitch, probably thanks to the increased police presence. Literally, a police spokesperson said that Chris attracts “a certain kind of crowd” and they were pretty sure it was going to be a criminal free for all. Good lord.

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