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Despite Her Death, Whitney Houston To Tour in 2016

whitney houston

Whitney Houston is a legend. It was sad and shocking when she died in 2012, and even sadder when daughter Bobbi Kristina died in July of 2015. Fans of Houston may have thought that the grandest tribute to the singer would be a Lifetime movie about her life. Nope. Whitney Houston is going on tour. Or her hologram is, anyway. You can thank (or blame?) Hologram USA and Pat Houston, Houston’s sister and president of her estate.

From E!:

The tour isn’t the only time that adoring fans can relive Houston’s classics, however, as plans for a multimedia digital and cable show are said to be underway as well.
“I was heartbroken when Whitney passed away in 2012,” Hologram USA and FilmOn CEO Alki David said in a statement obtained by Rolling Stone.

“The opportunity to share her spectacular gifts with the world again is exactly what I hoped for when I built the hologram business. I’m confident we’ll create the ultimate celebration of Whitney’s amazing artistry.”
Meanwhile, Pat released the following statement echoing the excitement for the upcoming tour.
“It’s a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come.”

No exact tour dates or other details are given, other than it will be a “country-wide tour beginning in 2016.”

Uh…anyone else find this extremely creepy and kind of tacky? The whole thing sounds like a crazy scheme cooked up by a money-grubbing Scooby-Doo villain. Maybe if her death hadn’t been so recent it wouldn’t seem as strange? Like, I could maybe understand seeing a hologram John Lennon on tour…but even so…it’s just…weird. Like this sounds like something from The Onion, right down to the CEO’s quote (“The opportunity to share her spectacular gifts with the world again is exactly what I hoped for when I built the hologram business.”)

I guess this is the future. We can only hope that the Tupac Hologram joins her for a duet, if only to have the Tupac Hologram Twitter account up and running again.

What do you guys think? Is it creepy and weird or awesome and amazing? Is something you’d go to?

Is there a hologram artist you’d pay to see “live”?

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  • I persona;ly think its wonderful and I will go and even buy a copy of it. I hope they plan to put krissy and bobby brown in the show too, like how whit always used to bring them on stage.bobby brown should be involved and also paid to do it.i loved the song they did together on the just whitney there any uncovered songs for that time that maybe brown still has!!! new songs???work together guys!!! put everything you can give us fans we loved whitney too.