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Kesha Officiates Her Second Gay Wedding — Does She Have A New Calling?


The last time we heard from Kesha, she was urging us all to rescue stray kittens like the good and kind-hearted soul she is. She’s generally been keeping a low profile these past couple of years since seeking treatment for her eating disorder and going public with allegations against Dr. Luke, which is probably for the best. But just because the newest thing the radios have to play us from Kesha is that stupid “Timber” song with Pitbull (which is a total earworm, I have to admit) doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been making good use of her time… by officiating gay weddings!

Kesha recently officiated the nuptials for her hair stylist Vittorio Masecchia, and his husband, Felipe Noqueira and posted the photo above from the ceremony with the caption “VxF all you need is love”. Cute!

This isn’t her first gay wedding, though. She got ordained back in 2012 so that she could officiate for two female friends. Could Kesha have a new career in officiating gay weddings? I don’t know, but I’m loving the idea and would totally support this. Kesha has always seemed super sweet, so I think this is adorable, I can’t help it.

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