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Jessica Alba’s Being Sued For Being A Big Fat Liar

jessica alba

Jessica Alba must’ve realized a few years ago that acting wasn’t really for her (thank god), so she decided to branch out into “natural care” products, starting the Honest company which, until recently, had been enjoying a modest amount of success. That is, until everyone realized that Jessica & Co. are anything BUT honest. After all, there was the sunscreen fiasco just a couple of months ago, and now she’s being sued for being so misleading with all of Honest’s other products, as well.

From TMZ:

The class action suit — filed by Jonathan Rubin targets the brand’s dish soap, hand soaps, surface cleaner and diapers. Rubin claims all of the products contain synthetic preservatives and should not be considered “natural” like THC claims.

Rubin backs up his claims with studies from an environmental group who says the ingredients were considered to be potentially hazardous.

And as one final burn … Rubin says THC’s sunscreen is ineffective after multiple users posted on blogs saying they became sunburned and blistered.

He’s asking for all profits generated from those products to be refunded to people who have purchased them — a minimum of $5 million.

I think that’s a pretty fair request, actually, and one that will likely get granted. Maybe it’ll bankrupt Honest for good, because while there are certainly other shitty brands out there, one that purports to be wonderfully natural and additive-free and all that shit but totally isn’t needs to go.

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