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Jessica Alba’s Sunscreen “Honest”-ly Doesn’t Work

jessica alba

I’m big on word play today, it seems! You’re all probably familiar with the fact that since Jessica Alba‘s acting career was all but dead in the water, she decided to branch out to selling “natural” and organic baby, home and skincare products. That’s all fine and well… or it would be, you know, if they actually worked. Last week, Jessica and the Honest company came under fire when a load of people who purchased her sunscreen posted on social media about the fact that they were severely burnt while using it. Uh oh.

There’s nothing like slathering yourself with sunscreen, only to come back with severe sunburn! Way to go, Honest. Here are some of the photos:

Yikes, that’s not very good. But don’t discount Jessica – she’s spoken out in an attempt to save her company, and she posted the following photo/statement on her Instagram page on Tuesday:

Ugh, just don’t buy her shitty products. There’s no excuse for this crap. She just wants the money, she doesn’t care if the shit she sells works.

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