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Miranda Lambert Denies Cheating, Accuses Blake Instead

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Oh God, will this ever end? When Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce, no one was really all that shocked. No one even cared when they heard it was over alleged infidelity, because of course it was. Blake accused Miranda of having an affair, which she vehemently denied. Instead, she says he’s the one who cheated, and frankly, it’s looking like that just might be the case, given that his mistress Cady Groves has been all kinds of sloppy on Twitter the past couple of days.

From TMZ:

It’s a classic case of he said/she said … but sources close to Lambert say Shelton’s the one who strayed … with a famous country singer no less.

The sources claim Blake’s camp was unscrupulous, and threw mud with the help of a powerful PR firm that attacked Miranda before the ink was dry on the divorce docs.

We’re told she’s incensed Blake accused her of cheating with a country singer. She says it never happened, and so does the singer.

Here’s the tweets from that “famous country singer” having no social media chill whatsoever and embarrassing pretty much everyone involved in this situation:

cady groves twitter

cady groves twitter 2

cady groves twitter 3cady groves twitter 4

Oh, girl, no. I mean, why is she so sprung… ON BLAKE SHELTON, of all people? This whole thing is just sad, on so many levels.

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