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President Obama Speaks Out On Bill Cosby

bill cosby barack obama

You know you’re a raging shitbag when the POTUS has to speak out against your horrendous acts. Barack Obama slammed Bill Cosby yesterday while addressing concerns many have raised about the fact that Cosby, a serial rapist (among other things), was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in 2002. The sexual assault awareness group PAVE (Promoting Awareness / Victim Empowerment) had called for Cosby’s medal to be revoked, but Obama unfortunately said that there is “no precedent” for stripping someone of the medal and that they “don’t have the mechanism” to do such a thing.

Here are Obama’s full comments on Cosby, though he wanted to steer clear of “the specifics”:

“I’ll say this. If you give a woman, or a man for that matter, a drug and then you have sex without their consent, that’s rape. And I think this country – any civilized country – should have no tolerance for rape.”

Well, thank God SOMEONE knows what rape is, around here. But I still don’t get it. There was no precedent for Obamacare, but we did it. There was no precedent for nationally legalized gay marriage, but we did it. But you’re telling me we don’t have the “mechanism” to take Bill Cosby’s fucking medal away from him? Or shit, let him keep the physical medal but strip him of the title? How hard is that to do and what kind of “mechanism” do you need to do it? Bullshit if ever I’ve heard it. Not feeling it, Obama. I mean,, I get that the US has bigger fish to fry (the occasion during which Cosby was even addressed was during a press conference during the US’s nuclear deal with Iran), but come on!

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