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Justin Bieber’s Lip Sync Battle Is… Something Else

justin bieber lip sync battle

Justin Bieber‘s latest mission is to try and endear himself to the general public again. We all loved him (well, most people did) back when he was just a precocious Canadian kid with obnoxious but obscenely catchy music. Then he went off the rails and everyone hated him, and he wants to change that, get back to his roots. In order to do this, he’s really putting himself out there and getting silly, by doing things like performing “Girls Don’t Cry” on Lip Sync Battle this week. At first I thought this was going to be the classic “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, but this is actually the 2006 Fergie track, so don’t get your hopes too high.

I wish I could find this as cute as most people seem to, but he just really creeps me out these days for some reason – probably because you can tell all this “I’m a good boy!” shit is just that – complete shit and really fake. At least he finally got rid of that molester ‘stache that’s not really a mustache at all but was pretty much all he could manage.

Justin went against Deion Sanders in the competition, which will be aired in full on Lip Sync Battle on Thursday night.