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Charlie Sheen Attacks Denise Richards On Father’s Day

charlie sheen denise richards

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a physical attack. No, Charlie Sheen was away on holiday for Father’s Day and didn’t get to see ex-wife Denise Richards or their kids, a fact which Denise chronicled on Twitter. It’s unclear if Denise’s tweet was genuine and chill, or if it was full of passive aggressive bitchiness (my vote is the latter, and I think she was well within her rights to do it), but Charlie was NOT happy and decided to go full-blown nutso on her by posting an abusive poem, which has since been deleted. Thankfully, screencaps exist.

Here’s Denise’s tweet:

Which then prompted this reaction from Charlie:

charlie sheen

Wow… glad to see he’s still so mentally unstable. Very comforting and totally classy.

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  • Pssht. Doesn’t even rhyme.

    I bet every day she has a dance party to celebrate not being married any more to whatever it is Charlie Sheen has become.