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Beyonce Woke Fans Up At 8am To Tell Them To Go Vegan

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Beyonce had the Beyhive all crazy over the weekend by teasing that she was going to make a “big announcement” during her appearance on Good Morning America on Monday. Lazy bitches across the country got up super early to watch this live, only to find out that it wasn’t a tour or a new album that was on Bey’s mind, but her diet. Specifically, she wanted you to know first thing Monday morning that she’s vegan and you should be, too.

Literally, the entire appearance was to try and sell that shitty 22-day vegan meal plan she’s been trying to hawk that people aren’t all that fond of, apparently. She spent the entire “video” claiming that being vegan was the only way she got her nutrition under control and that it has tightened her skin and made life all-around more wonderful. Basically a load of shit to try and sell crap that even she probably doesn’t actually eat. “I have to share this!” she exclaims completely unconvincingly. Gimme a break. Fuuuuuck that. Nope. BYE, Beyonce.

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  • Shame on GMA for allowing such an obvious plug on their show! It was nothing but a commercial that they labeled a “big announcement”… Today Show here i come.

  • Kim can’t be vegan; she is preggers and full of artificial gunk, and plastic surgery.. if she loses weight, her body would look crazy lumpy dumpy.. Now it’s a fine balance of strategic give and take.. so the weight loss would happen where her body is still normal..? I think there are a few places.. between her toes and elbows? Kanye loves his luxury treats and junk food and could care less about pretending to be vegan.