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Tracy Morgan Got A Massive Payout From Walmart

tracy morgan walmart

I’m sure we all remember that Tracy Morgan was in a serious car accident last year — an accident for which he blamed Walmart, since the driver of the semi that hit the car he was traveling in had worked too much overtime and fallen asleep at the wheel. He sued the corporation for a pretty big sum, but it looks like that lawsuit’s not going through, since Walmart paid him a hefty settlement outside of court to make the whole thing go away.

From TMZ:

Tracy’s attorney and Walmart’s attorneys announced the settlement, but said terms of the deal would remain under wraps. Whatever they paid, Tracy’s happy with it … saying, “Walmart did right by me and my family, and for my associates and their families.”

He added, “I am grateful that the case was resolved amicably.”

Walmart also settled with two of the other passengers, Ardie Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea, and settled with the family of James McNair, who died in the crash involving Tracy’s limousine van and the Walmart 18-wheeler.

The accident was a really serious one, one that Tracy had to recover from for months on end (and some reports have suggested that he’ll never be quite the same as he was before), but I guess that goes to show you if you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation and you cough up enough cash, you can make anything go away.

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  • Paying him to go away int the right way to say this. Paying him for how they destoyed lives through negligent business practices and admitting their guilt is more like it. They got a lot of bad publicity from this and would have gotten more if they tried to fight him in court. Whatever he and the victims families got, they deserved. I hope for the best for him.