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Tracy Morgan Suing Walmart; Blames Company For Car Crash


Tracy Morgan is recovering from his car accident — in fact, he just left rehab, according to TMZ, which is great news — and now he’s suing Walmart, blaming the company for the crash. The man who hit the limo Mr. Morgan was riding in was impossibly tired, and Morgan blames the company for overworking him. From TMZ:

Morgan filed suit in New Jersey alleging the company should never have allowed truck driver Kevin Roper to drive for nearly 10 hours straight after being awake for more than 24 hours.

The suit — reported in the NY Post — claims Tracy sustained, “severe painful bodily injuries, including but not limited to multiple fractures which required multiple surgeries, extensive medical treatment and will require significant physical rehabilitation.”

According to the lawsuit … Roper had driven 700 miles from his home to the Walmart distribution center before beginning his fatal drive. One person died when Roper was tooling along in his tractor-trailer at 65 in a 45 MPH zone and slammed into the SUV.

I think this is very interesting that he’s holding the company accountable and not the driver. What do you think of this?

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  • Absolutely agree with him here. Walmart doesn’t give a shit about their employees, they’re disposable to them. They just want to meet the deadline and make the profit, no matter the cost to everyone else.

  • I think it’s brilliant. He’ll def get $ (not like he needs it), but more importantly, he’s making a social stand to wal-mart that they need to be a *little* more aware of their treatment towards employees. Everyone knows that company is cheap-a$$ towards its employees and that’s one reason they’re making so much money. Loving how a famous person is bringing awareness to this b.s. business practice (even if wal-mart is a self-proclaimed business monopoly, yadda yadda yadda)

    • Sure Marsha. Too bad your “knowledge” of this incident is so pathetic. Tracy Morgan is NOT suing Wal-Mart as a social ANYTHING. The only ones who bloviates this left wing nonsense are ignorant morons who are only good for whining about how tough the real world is.

  • He doesn’t give a shit about whether the driver was over worked or anything like that he is going after walmart cos they have the deepest pockets.

    • 100% agree with you. He’s suing Walmart bc we all know there’s a 95% chance that driver does not have more than $100,000 in his bank accounts and even if he loses a lawsuit, he’ll never fully pay up to Morgan. Wal-Mart however….

    • That’s what I was going to see. I don’t believe for a minute he is doing this out of solidarity with the driver or anything.

  • The driver was just some poor working shlep trying to put dinner on the table for his family. Walmart is the one who doesn’t give a f**k about it’s employees, and ran him ragged! They probably told him that if he didn’t work his ass off, they’d find someone else to do his job! I agree with Tracy 100%, and think that he’s doing a WONDERFUL thing, here!

    • What is so freakin wonderful about what Morgan is do? Is he giving the money to the family of the dead person? I doesn’t say that. Is he giving the money to the the other people that were in the accident “including the poor shlep trying to put dinner on the table for his family”? It doesn’t say that either. Is he looking for the biggest possible pay day? It sure as hell seems like that is his only motivation. God Bless America land of the Law suit

  • Walmart has money. The driver has very little. Vehicle insurance policies have limits on financial pay outs. You wouldn’t get much money suing the driver.

  • I know several truckers. Going without sleep is how they roll. They take uppers and drink coffee to stay awake. Even if they’re supposed to sleep, they often choose to do something else during their rest stops. It’s terrifying, isn’t it?

  • walmart did nothing wrong here all truck drivers go without sleep I myself work two jobs 7 days a week one over night the other during the day i don’t blame either job for being worked to much, but all this is about is everyone blames walmart for everything because they think it is easy. one of my jobs is walmart and the things I see every day how quick people want to blame us/walmart it is not the management that is hard on us at walmart it is the way the customers treat us they think they can act and talk however they want to us.

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