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Rebel Wilson Is Launching Her Own Plus Size Clothing Line

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson is pretty “in” at the moment, what with the release of Pitch Perfect 2, and it’s great to see her capitalizing on that success (and yes, I mean that sincerely). In addition to scooping up some great comedy roles, Rebel is also doing something else that’s pretty awesome: releasing her own fashion range through plus size retailer Torrid that’ll come out in November, just in time for Christmas. Pretty sweet, right?

From PRNewswire:

Rebel explains, “I’ve had a ‘torrid’ affair with buying clothes all my life. I’ve never really felt like there’s a brand out there in the plus size world that is creating cool stuff, that fits well and is good quality yet affordable. It’s really only been in the last few years that I’ve seen companies try. So it was awesome to team with Torrid, who I think are doing such a great job in making plus size fashion relevant and dope. I’ve been loving designing the clothes for my capsule collection. I’ve been putting my unique style and personal loves into the clothing and literally can’t wait for the collection to launch!”

Lisa Harper, Torrid CEO says, “We are excited about this partnership with Rebel. She represents everything that Torrid is: young, fun, fearless. She has a strong point of view and inspires girls around the world to wear what they love, no apologies.”

Wilson’s personal touch is all over the collection. A koala-print tee reflects her Australian background; microphone-shaped hardware and charms speak to her life performing on stage. Creating pieces her fans would love was of utmost importance.

The REBEL FOR TORRID collection features approximately 25 pieces that range in price from $28.50–$125.00, including tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses and accessories. A Spring 2016 collection is in the works as well.

REBEL FOR TORRID reflects the brand’s continued focus on celebrating and empowering women who wear sizes 12 to 28 with fashion that makes them feel confident and stylish.

I mean, would I – a 31-year-old woman – wear a koala print shirt? Hmm, that’s a good question. Probably not. But I love that she’s doing this and making fun fashion accessible to younger girls whose bodies don’t always fit Forever 21 styles/sizes.

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