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Justin Bieber Has Officially Managed His Anger

justin bieber anger management

Remember how Justin Bieber received a visit from the karma fairy last year and was sentenced to anger management classes for egging his neighbour’s house? Well, give him his due – he actually turned up and went through with ti and now his anger has been deemed sufficiently managed, it seems.

From TMZ:

Bieber’s lawyers were in court Monday to show the judge he completed one of the two major terms of his plea deal — 12 anger management classes.

According to court docs, Bieber has also begun the process of completing 5 days of community labor — so far he’s put in two hours for the Volunteers of America, Los Angeles … where he worked at an emergency shelter.

Bieber’s lawyers say he’ll do the rest of his hours there, helping them with needed repairs.

The probation officer gave the Biebs a better than passing grade, saying he’s been cooperative and sincere.

He’ll remain on probation until 2016.

“Cooperative and sincere“, you say? Huh, that doesn’t sound like Justin at all! Maybe he HAS changed! (Except he totally hasn’t – but it’s nice to see he’s not breaking the law… for now.)

However, I have to say – considering Bieber was sentenced to these classes and his community service nearly a year again and has STILL only done 2 lousy hours is disgusting. His schedule isn’t that busy these days, sorry. If he can appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show every other week, he can do his damn community service.

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  • As long as the little bitch can afford to pay mountain sized bodyguards to protect him when he decides to be a punk he will always have problems with anger management.