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Brad Pitt Busted His Face Walking In Flip Flops

bruised face

Don’t mind Brad Pitt‘s busted face there. Sorry to disappoint you, but he hasn’t been filming the sequel to Fight Club or anything, he’s just clumsy as hell, apparently, and doesn’t know how to walk in flip flops. Don’t get me started on why he was wearing flip flops to begin with, we just need to deal with what’s before us. Brad is injured, but that didn’t stop him from attending the 3rd annual Light Up the Blues concert in Hollywood on Saturday night.

“This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops,” Pitt said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Turns out if you then try to stop your forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash.

“Regardless, I wasn’t going to miss the Autism Speaks benefit the night after – wonderful people and I was honored to be a part of this important event.”

Unless you are at the beach, there is no damn reason for a grown man or woman to be wearing flip flops. Especially not in a major metropolitan city. It’s filthy and disgusting. Also, you might trip and bust your face up like Brad did. Learn from him.

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