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Rihanna Went Shopping For 4/20 Snacks

rihanna smoking

Have you looked at the calendar? Are you aware of what day it is? I left my stoner days behind a long ass time ago, but Rihanna is still going strong with her love for Mary Jane, and she took a few friends for some pre-holiday prep. And by that I mean, they bought a shit ton of snacks to eat while they’ve got the munchies, obviously. They didn’t come out and say that in the video, but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here:

I mean, hey – at least it’s not cocaine, right? I’ve got no idea where the hell they are – it almost looks like a hotel shop, which it could very well be. It also seems like they’ve closed it down while RiRi and her friends are in there, which is the biggest perk of being a celebrity. I don’t need any tourists crowding the narrow ass aisles while I’m trying to get those Oreos on the bottom shelf!

Anyway, happy 4/20, y’all!


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