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Rihanna Swears She Wasn’t Snorting Cocaine In This Video


Rihanna has always insisted that she’s got no interest in being a role model, and good for her – why should she? She loves drinking, partying, smoking copious amounts of weed… and snorting coke? It would seem so, though Rihanna denies it. You see, a video popped up online on Tuesday showing RiRi chillin’ with her friends Melissa Forde and someone else whose name I don’t know. Ri is in the background rolling a blunt and seemingly doing lines.

However, Rihanna wasn’t too happy with the suggestion that she was snorting shit up her nose, so she took to the video’s comments section to tell all the haters off and deny that shit:

Well, that sorts that out. Only… it sorta doesn’t because it totally looks like Rihanna was doing cocaine, right? I stan for Rihanna either way, but come on.

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  • nooooo, i’m sure she would NEVER do anything like that!! she was getting ready for church. *major eyeroll*

  • She is a down low coke ho. She absolutely was doing cocaine and does so on a regular basis. Filthy wretch of a woman with smelly trolls living in her underwear. If she isn’t wearing any they move into her stink crevice.

  • She MOST definitely was snorting blow!! When you go through the video on slow play you can amidst see the lines. Ad you don’t hold your nose like that unless your blowing lines!! Perhaps she should be smarter and NOT let anyone film her when she’s doing Shia like this!!