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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week


Kristen Stewart really…going for it.

So, I know I say this a lot, but goddamn, are the weeks just flying the  by for anyone else?! Every time I sit down to do this column I think, holy f*ckballs, how is it the end of the week already? Time, how does it work?

Anyway, last week we ragged on Rihanna. This week I’ve got a whole new batch of celeb outfits to keep you (hopefully) entertained. It’s Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Just go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the week! 



Mischa Barton! When’s the last time we saw her? I’m really rooting for her. That being said, that hair washes her out and that dress is kind of diabolical. Still love you though, Mischa!


AnnaSophia Robb. Is it a dress? Is it a cape? It’s…BOTH?? WHAAA? (Takes off sunglasses, hangs mouth open). I mean, I kind of like this? It’s dramatic and different. Hating on the shoes though.



Dakota Johnson has some pretty cool street style — those boots! Those sunglasses!  I’m into it.



Here’s one of my favorite couples: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. She looks so freakin’ chic. I like his grandpa street style, too.



Elizabeth Banks. I like this dress! I think it’s fun. I like the shoes, too.



Frieda Pinto. Well this is a lovely little dress, isn’t it? Very retro. And we all know I’m such a sucker for retro.



Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while — Heather Graham. I’m not usually a fan of jumpsuits, but man, does she pull this off!


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum. Sorry, not a fan of this dress. It looks like something from the cheap clothing site Nasty Gal. Yeah, some of their clothes are cool, but most of it is just tacky clubwear to me. And that’s what this reminds me of.


Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank. IDK WTF is going on here. What an odd duck of a dress. She still manages to look great in it, but I think it’s still a horrid dress.



Hilary Duff. It’s a cute enough outfit. I can’t stop wondering though, how hard it must be for her to keep her hair at maximum vibrancy — it looks crazy faded here compared to last week.



Julia Louis Dreyfus. My queen. Love this look on her. She nailed it.


Lake Bell

Lake Bell. Love this color! Those boots are a little whack and I’m trying to figure out if I like them or not.



Lily James. I mean, she’s just perfect, right? She really is an IRL Disney Princess.



Meghan Trainor. I just don’t get Meghan Trainor, or why she’s dress like a 1980’s ice skater.



Sarah Jessica Parker. I feel like this has a 1990’s vibe to it, but in a good way. And I love a good velvet blazer.



Just wanted to throw some Sigourney Weaver in here, because I love her. And finally,


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens. I love this dress. The heavy lip and eye makeup I’m unsure of, but the dress is solid.

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Lily James
WORST: Kristen Stewart
WTF: Meghan Trainor

Your turn!

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