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Alyssa Milano’s breast milk was confiscated at Heathrow Airport

alyssa milano

Here’s a bizarre story for your Friday morning: Alyssa Milano, who is the mother of two children, one of whom she only gave birth to back in September, was traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport on Thursday when her breast milk was confiscated for not following the 3.4 ounce rules, and she wasn’t happy about it.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Whoever’s running the Heathrow account responded almost right away, though their explanation left a bit to be desired in Alyssa’s eyes:

I’m not sure where her baby was, because if the baby wasn’t with her, why did she need the breast milk? Obviously if she is generally breastfeeding I’d imagine that she would need to pump regardless of whether or not she was feeding, but if she was keeping the milk, that tells me the baby was somewhere close by or she was about to be with him? Am I missing something?

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  • Sorry but in this day and age airports have no business being lenient when following worldwide security rules. She travels enough to know what she has to do and what happens if she doesn’t.

  • As a breastfeeding mother I find it ridiculous, especially because I’ve gotten breastmilk through after they test it. Every time I pumped a large amount like that I felt very successful so throwing it out isn’t really an option

  • I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. It took me 2 hours to manually express 2oz of milk. I think if I got 10oz of it out and they confiscated it, I’d lose my mind too.

  • Rules are rules are rules are rules. Even if you are Alyssa Milano, even if you are… wait for it…. a mother.

  • I agree completely there are rules you have to abide by END OF STORY. I am a mother of two i pumped with both of my children … i would not be butt hurt if they threw my stash of breast milk away if it was out of the regulations… guess what you have your breasts attached to you JUST PUMP MORE. imagine that … holy cow .