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Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer

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Kim Kardashian hasn’t been shy in admitting that she’s struggled to lose weight ever since giving birth to North West a couple of years ago, but that probably just means that her body is where it’s meant to be, size wise. Her husband, however, doesn’t think so – Kanye West hired her a personal trainer and he’s none too pleased that the trainer also agrees that Kim is probably fine where she’s at.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, he lashed out at wife Kim’s trainer for saying she “couldn’t imagine” seeing Kim at her goal weight of 120 lbs.

“She’s like, ‘There’s no way. I can’t even imagine you 15 lbs. lighter,’ ” Kim, 34, told sister Khloé Kardashian of her trip to the gym. “Kanye’s like, ‘Wait a minute. You are the trainer and you’re telling me you can’t imagine her 15 lbs. lighter? We need to get another trainer, then, because if I tell you she needs to lose weight in between her toe, you would have figured out a f—ing toe weight.”

Wow. If Kim wasn’t… you know, Kim, I’d probably feel really bad for her since she’s married to such a controlling egomaniac. If Kim wants to lose weight for herself, that’s fair enough – we’re all our own harshest critics, but she needs to be realistic in terms of results. Her frame is her frame and she’s never going to be Kate Moss, and that’s worked out just fine for her. But for her husband to become enraged because her trainer can’t maker her skinnier, i.e. his idea of ideal? Dear God.

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  • If he doesn’t like the way she looks, why is he posting nekkid pics of her alla time? With “swish”, when this sounds like he means more “thunk. Dayum baby!”

  • I can’t tell if Kanye is being a super dick, or trying to be supportive of his wife. I mean, it kinda of reads like he’s saying “my wife is right, if you can’t get on board with her then you’re gone.” But it’s about something that’s totally ridiculous and harmful. Bleh, these two are the worst egomaniacs. I continue to feel nothing but sorry for poor little North, who doesn’t stand a chance.

  • I have felt nothing but pity for KKW for many years. She was exploited by her mother (to the point of the sex tape) and she has been exploited by so many since. When KKW married KW (next kid I bet gets the initials KW) I knew she was lost to the reality most of us know. She is under the thumb of a control freak (to put it mildly) and there are few exits for her (her family sure as sugar will not help). Yes, KKW has money, but that does not seem to have done much for her self esteem and ability to get out of there. I cannot even fathom what will happen with Miss North–I just pray the nannies give her a solid foundation.

  • The ugly, fuggy, chubby physical and emotional change of Miss Kim is almost complete, she is so desperate to use him for fame and money, she must silently suffer and pretend she adores him, he’s a genius and her master.. or he’ll shun her again.. Kanye winning.

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