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Chloe Sevigny calls Jennifer Lawrence “annoying” and “too crass”

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In the past, I’ve always kinda liked Chloe Sevigny. She’s unobtrusive, has pretty good fashion sense and… well, I guess that’s enough to make her okay, right? I don’t mind when people tell it like it is, but when you start talking shit on people in the press for no reason, then I’mma have to raise my eyebrow. So what’s Chloe done? Well, she’s calling out Jennifer Lawrence.

During an interview with V Magazine, Chloe was asked if she’s worried about being typecast (as what??????), to which she replied:

Do you still worry you’re being typecast? 
CS I’m afraid that maybe people think there’s more personality than acting ability. What I did on Big Love, Hit & Miss, and American Horror Story, it’s not like I’m just playing the same character over and over again. I would like to be respected more as an actress. It’s not like I can complain about anything. I think I’ve had great opportunities, but you can always have more.

Nowadays, you can’t be an actor without having a big personality to match. You were a prototype for that. 
CS So much is about marketing and selling the product. They’ll have a really peppy funny girl on the talk show rounds, and everybody adores her and loves her and wants to be her or fuck her, and then so many more people want to watch the movie or TV show. I understand that star quality, how much value that carries. I love when a movie star is a great movie star. I think Angelina Jolie is a great movie star. I don’t think I can be that, or just be an actor. I don’t think I have the charisma. Which is probably why I never reached another level. I like Emma Stone. Whenever she’s herself, she’s really cute. Jennifer Lawrence I find annoying. Too crass.

Look, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t anyone’s cup of tea, fine, but why even talk about your fellow women in the press? It’s not like she was asked what she thinks about JLaw. Also, I just find it interesting that a woman who’s been persecuted for her choice in film roles (Brown Bunny was nothing if not “crass”) would call out another female for that. Where’s the solidarity? Or at least the silence. SMH.

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  • Well, she’s entitled to her opinion, which is all that she is expressing. She’s not saying that JLaw has been found to be empirically crass, just that she doesn’t dig. I doubt the JLaw gives one Dorito fart about whatever Chloe thinks